Re-imposition of sanctions on Iran

Iran faces re-imposition of sanctions following the 180 day wind-down period which ended on 4 November 2018 due to the U.S. government re-imposed sanctions that were relieved pursuant to the JCPOA (after a first set of sanctions had already be re-imposed per 6 August). As such, sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, Iran’s port operators, shipping and shipbuilding, as well as petroleum-related transactions have been re-introduced. In addition, on 5th November 50 Iranian banks and their foreign and domestic subsidiaries were designated under the SDN List; published by OFAC.

However some countries have received a waiver from the U.S., eight countries — including Japan, India and South Korea – are able to continue buying Iranian oil after it reimposed sanctions on the OPEC producers

EU Blocking Statute

To note, as of 7 August 2018, under this Blocking Statute EU persons are forbidden to comply with extra-territorial sanctions imposed by another state, unless exceptionally authorized by the European Commission to do so. EU operators can ask for recovery of damages arising from extra-territorial sanctions (such as those of the U.S.), e.g. if they are confronted with penalties.

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