Philip Sidney’s Managing Founder, Gert Demmink

Two weeks following the Export Controls conference in Munich, Philip Sidney will be making its presence in Washington D.C and contribute its know-how at the EU Trade Controls Summit for North-American companies in February.

Gert Demmink will again share his expertise on EU trade controls and at this summit, the focus is on looking at policy from the EU perspective and how this impacts the North American importers and exporters. Participants will also gain insights into how the EU trade regulation works in conjunction with EU member states.

The summit will serve as a platform to bring together and bridge the gap between the EU/EU member states regulators and industry advocacy groups as well as senior trade compliance executives both from the EU and North America.

This summit attempts to avoid the outdated ‘death by Powerpoint’ cycle of dull box-ticking and instead, bring a more thought-provoking and substantive discussion. It will serve as an opportunity for all summit participants to network, discuss and share new perspectives of the themes and topics.

The topics that will be covered in the summit include:

  • How the European Union governs itself?
  • Enforcement
  • What is the industry’s consultation model?
  • EU & Nation State Dual-Use and Export Controls
  • Global Trade Management in the era of change : Export Control Reform & Brexit managing Host Nation, European Union & US Extraterritorial Controls
  • The EU Customs code
  • Imports & Exports
  • The Control Lists

The Nielsonsmith EU Trade Controls for North American companies summit will take place at Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington D.C. between February 15-16 this year.

Further information about this summit can be found here

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