Photo caption : Gert Demmink delivering his keynote address at the 2014 Global Trade Review conference in Singapore. In the upcoming conference in Munich, he will be sharing his expertise on industry best practices towards compliance with the updated EU Dual-Use Regulation

Philip Sidney will be co-sponsoring an upcoming Export Controls conference slated for Feb 1 this year.

The two-day event will take place at the prestigious Le Meridien Hotel in Munich, Germany. It will bring together export control experts and senior executives with the aim of improving process in the face of evolving global markets, trade agreements, technology requirements and compliance. In addition to that, it will also provide attendees with the latest updates on international trade regulations as well as insights and tools for strengthening its internal operations, primarily on delivering and assuring compliance. At the conference, participants will also be better informed on matters of sanctions and the challenges that come with it.

Philip Sidney’s Managing Founder, Gert Demmink will be delivering his presentation on the industry best practice in complying with the updated EU Dual-Use regulation. He will be one of the key experts who will contribute his knowledge and know-how of the industry.

Gert has been the Managing Partner of Philip Sidney since 2008 and is presently the Chairman of the Compliance Division of the Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC). He built his reputation as the Legal Eagle after serving the Ministry of Justice as Deputy Judge for over 15 years. He also extended his legal experience towards the Financial Sector, reflected by his years of involvement in Dutch Central Bank’s department and building various regulatory framework including the Customer Due Diligence approach. His expertise in the international compliance arena has also been acknowledged numerous times, including articles published on his contribution towards compliance issues.

The Nielsonsmith Export Controls conference promises to spark a diverse array of speaker topics which include EU Sanctions Regime, Mergers & Acquisitions and the resulting Trade Compliance impact, Export Controls & Consumer Products as well as Managing a Compliance Programme with dynamic objectives among others.

Gert Demmink will be one of the panel speakers and he hopes to share his substantive ideas and debates on Export Control in the panel discussion.

More information on the conference can be found here


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