Anyone operating in the international business world is confronted with many different interests. What’s more, they are rarely compatible. Dealing with opposing interests not only requires knowledge and insight, but also tact. Sir Philip Sidney, adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, was admired for his tact and courtesy in his day. The diplomatic missions he undertook for the British Crown were feats of diplomatic brilliance. It would be no exaggeration to say that he elevated ‘tact’ to an art form. Not for nothing did we name our company after this eminent diplomat. Like him, we also bring parties together with the greatest care. We know the world of regulatory and licensing bodies and know the people who matter. We look for the right way you can get your business done. Without rubbing anyone up the wrong way and always with your best interest at heart.

Philip Sidney - Courtesy
Philip Sidey - Respect & Trust


Obviously, you want to comply with guidelines and directives. But at Philip Sidney, we take this one step further. We believe that reliability is one of the most important success factors for your organisation. Customers, suppliers and other stakeholders want transparency and honesty. Philip Sidney helps you guarantee this. Anyone who wants to gain respect and trust must be sincere and upright. This goes for both you and us. We are open and honest towards our customers, but also loyal and discreet. Your company’s interests are always paramount.
We advise and train professionals in a range of sectors, including:
– Banking, financial institutions and trust;
– Aerospace & Defense;
– Manufacturing;
– International trade;
– Oil & Gas / Offshore


Every organisation is different and as a result, requires a different approach. In other words: we always provide tailor-made solutions. We systematically map all the legislation and regulations you have to deal with. We check which people, systems and processes the regulations apply to and use this as the basis for our approach.

Consequently, this means that we do not just talk to the management in your organisation, but specifically with the people in the field. We work side by side with the people who bring in the contracts, who sell the products. We operate at the heart of your company, where the money is earned. Compliance is not about saying ‘no’. Compliance is: yes, but maybe we need to do things differently.

Philip Sidney - Dedication

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